22 Sound Records

About us

5200 Highway 22

Mandeville, LA 70471

Opening hours:

Wednesday - Saturday: 12pm 7pm

Sunday: 12pm 5pm

Monday Tuesday: closed

Our vision is to provide a record store that is constantly evolving, celebrating music that is fresh as well as classic. Our selection involves a wide variety of musical styles, brand new records and used treasures. 22 Sound is a place to explore, to discover, to listen, to discuss, to celebrate music.

22 Sound was founded in 2021 by husband and wife Manuel and Kimberly Gemperli. Two years later, our family business became a two-family business when Jeanene, Tera and Evon Blackledge joined the team. Our love for music drives us to constantly keep discovering and bringing the best of those discoveries to our store. We dont think of vinyl records as a retro accessory but instead as a tried and true way to capture and preserve music, a medium that provides wonderful sound quality and a tangible connection to the artist and their art.

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