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Twisted Sister - Under The Blade

Twisted Sister - Under The Blade

Dee Snider’s appearance at the “PMRC senate hearing” in 1985 was a sweet moment of youthful rebellion triumphing over political conservatism. Tipper Gore who spearheaded the fight against “objectionable” lyrics in music - mainly rock - interpreted the lyrics to “Under The Blade” as being about sadomasochism, bondage and rape to which Snider replied that she must have a dirty mind. Al Gore was furious. Point Snider. To the surprise of the Washington elite this guy who showed up in a jean vest, snakeskin boots, skin-tight jeans, eyes lined with mascara and some of the biggest 80’s hair you can imagine, turned out to be rather eloquent and ready to fight. In the wake of the hearings, the PMRC and the RIAA found a compromise and introduced the now famous “Parental Advisory” stickers. Ironically, they probably helped sell even more records. Luckily, the ban of specific pieces of music was prevented. It could have been a dangerous precedent threatening artistic freedom, one of the pillars of our society. Thanks, Dee. 

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