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Weezer - The Blue Album

Weezer - Weezer

Rivers Cuomo may look just like Buddy Holly, but he certainly didnít look like your typical rockstar at the time of the release of Weezerís debut album, later simply known as the Blue Album. He was smart enough to use that to his advantage and embraced the persona of the anti-frontman. Revenge of the nerds in alt rock form. But looks and image donít matter if you donít have the songs. Weezer had them. Each track on this album is sharply written, full with memorable hooks and the lyrics spoke to those trying to fit in. They found somebody in Cuomo who was relatable. While this was certainly an album that captured the zeitgeist of the mid-90ís really well, you could tell that Weezer studied rock history and their love for classic rock and even metal shines through. Maybe thatís why it aged so well and why itís still being discovered nowadays - by music fans who werenít even born yet when these songs were written. It probably also doesnít hurt that Rivers somehow still looks like a little boy. Just like Buddy Holly he doesnít seem to age, but luckily he didnít have to die young for that.

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