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The Whiffs - Another Whiff

The Whiffs - Another Whiff

The superb ďAnother WhiffĒ by The Whiffs - our Record of the Day - doesnít only sound like itís decades old, it also looks like it. There is even some faux ringwear on the cover. But that only adds to the fun of it. Itís an album in the tradition of great American pop where hooks are king and what really matters is to write great songs. And The Whiffs sure know how to craft memorable tunes. After listening to this record, your brain wonít be sure which one of the countless catchy melodies it will present to you in a loop for the rest of the day. Despite all of the references to the past, guitar-driven power pop like this might actually be better described as timeless rather than retro, at least when itís done at this high level.

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