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Skyzoo - Milestones

Skyzoo - Milestones

People who have been following us might have noticed that guitar-driven music is very dear to my heart. It is my home base if you will. But that doesnít mean that itís the only thing I listen to. There is so much great music out there to discover, it would be silly to limit myself to only a few styles. Recently, I have been diving deeper into hip hop, mainly stuff outside of the commercial juggernauts. One of the artists I am deeply impressed with is Skyzoo, a rapper from New York City who has been active since the mid-2000ís. ďMilestonesĒ is dedicated to fatherhood and the joys and struggles that come with it, from the perspective of the fathers as well as the kids. Itís a thoughtful and sentimental record, one that feels truly honest. Besides his flow, tone and lyrics I love Skyzoo for the wonderful beats that he uses. Theyíre often jazz-infused and produced warmly which gives the whole record a mellow yet powerful feel. Keeping an open mind and digging deeper often rewards you with wonderful music. This is just one example.

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