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Vinterland - Welcome My Last Chapter

Vinterland - Welcome My Last Chapter

I love it when bands combine heaviness with melody, fury with beauty. When Vinterland recorded their one and only album “Welcome My Last Chapter” in the mid-90’s, that was still a pretty new concept. Dissection set the bar for this style, especially with their incredible masterpiece “Storm Of The Light’s Bane”. In their wake I have heard countless copycats, but barely anybody has ever rivaled them. Until I discovered this gem a few years ago. It’s full of amazing leads, even piano parts, but the melodic elements never compromise the harshness. In fact, they add to the ice cold atmosphere that is crucial to great black metal. Hands down, one of the best melodic black metal records ever and more than deserving of this 2022 reissue, remastered by none other than Dan Swanö. 

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