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Whiskey Myers - Tornillo

Whiskey Myers - Tornillo

Whiskey Myers may appeal to many country music fans, but first and foremost they are a rock band. Southern Rock you might wanna add. Their sound is steeped in the glory past of heroes like Lynyrd Skynyrd, but they have found ways to make their music sound fresh, adding new nuances to their sound with every release. The most obvious change on their newest album “Tornillo” are the horns. They are all over the album and they’re great. They work perfectly with the soulfulness of Cody Cannon’s voice and add a triumphant feel to much of the record. It’s not all party though. Cody still tackles heavier subjects on the album and there are somber, darker moments throughout. This is a record by a band that is completely comfortable in their own skin - probably because they are really good at what they’re doing. 

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