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Ithaca - They Fear Us

Ithaca - They Fear Us

Ithacas brilliant new album They Fear Us is exactly how a sophomore album should be. It expands on their sound while not losing any of the relentless energy of their debut. Whether vocalist Djamila Boden-Azzouz shouts aggressively or sings soaring melodies, every note drips with honest emotion. The riffs are pummeling with just the right amount of technicality to never lose sight of the song. And they show no fear to incorporate elements from outside of their core genre, keeping you on your toes from start to finish. The mellower moments make the heavy parts hit even harder. This is a breath of fresh air for metallic hardcore, a style that seemed stalled in formulaic songwriting for a while. Im honestly surprised to be this blown away by a new album from this genre. Ithaca created one of the most exciting heavy albums of the year so far.

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