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The Interrupters - In The Wild

The Interrupters - In The Wild

Aimee Interrupter pours her heart out on The Interrupterís†ďIn The WildĒ. She opens up about her troubled youth, abuse and the resulting depression, anxiety and obsessions. With many bands, this would result in a bleak album, but they juxtapose the heavy subject matter with high-energy anthemic ska-punk. Aimee is a master at writing ultra-catchy but never cheesy melodies much like the bandís mentor Tim Armstrong (Rancid, Operation Ivy) who can be heard on one song and has co-songwriting credits on several. The hooks just keep on coming and they are incredible. The band shows an exceptional musical versatility, but Aimeeís wonderfully raspy and gritty voice holds it all together, making the album sound cohesive despite its peaks and valleys. Itís gut-wrenching and uplifting at the same time. I canít think of many records released this year so far that I enjoyed more. Fantastic.

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