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Korn - Follow The Leader

Korn - Follow The Leader

Korn laid the seeds for world domination with their first two albums, but it was with “Follow The Leader” that they truly blew up and became international megastars. Remember TRL? Well, “Got The Life” was the first video that had to officially be retired from the show, because people wouldn’t stop requesting it. Korn were the undisputed leaders of a new phenomenon quickly tagged nu metal. They were copied so much that it’s hard to fathom nowadays how original they sounded when they first started. They weren’t the first to mix hip hop with rock and metal, but they did it in a completely different way, combining aggression, angst and cockiness. In retrospect, it’s incredible that a band this heavy and frankly at times prettt weird was able to compete commercially with the bubblegum pop of its time. Nu metal has seen a bit of a re-evaluation in recent years and Korn is one of the few bands of the genre that definitely stood the test of time. They were the originals. 

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