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Paul McCartney - Cнова в CCCP

Paul McCartney - Cнова в CCCP

Paul McCartney’s “Cнова в CCCP” (which translates to “Back in the USSR”) was released in the Soviet Union in 1988 and was the first album by a Western artist that was exclusively issued for that market. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, it was issued in the rest of the world in 1991. It was Paul going back to his roots covering his favorite hits from the 1950’s, recorded in just two days. Except for the actual song titles every word on the sleeve of this USSR original issue is in Russian, so no liner notes reading for me on this one. Not only is this a really fun album of one of the biggest music legends paying tribute to his heroes, it is also a fascinating piece of music history intersecting with world history. 

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