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The Linda Lindas - Growing Up

The Linda Lindas - Growing Up

The story of The Linda Linda’s is one that could only happen in the time we’re living in right now. In spring of last year, a video of them performing their song “Racist, Sexist Boy” went viral and made them internet sensations. Young girls of Chinese, Mexican and Salvadoran descent fighting back. They got signed by Epitaph, played shows with big names such as Jawbreaker and Bikini Kill and recorded their debut album “Growing Up”. By the time of its release the ages of the band members ranged from 11 to 17. Their music is heartwarming pop-punk with irresistible hooks and honest lyrics about the joys and struggles of adolescence. Will there ever be a better way to deal with that simultaneously universal and deeply personal teenage angst than to go to a garage and make noise with your friends?

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