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Creeper - American Noir

Creeper - American Noir

Itís usually not a great sign if a band releases songs from a previous albumís recording sessions, because they supposedly didnít fit that album. Often, they donít match the quality of the initial release. But Creeperís ďAmerican NoirĒ is an exception to the rule. Not only are the songs brilliant but they form their own mini rock opera that serves as a prequel to the story that ďSex, Death & The Infinite VoidĒ told. That one was already quite a bombastic affair, but they dialed it up even more on this one. Jim Steinman would have been proud of the grandiosity that pours out of every note. The arrangements are monumental, building the perfect playground for vocalists William Gould and Hannah Greenwood whose hooks are nothing short of incredible. Their voices match perfectly, but Hannah is the true star of the show to me, especially when she throws in a bit of a rasp. Even though there are clear influences of 70ís glam rock (which theyíre not trying to hide at all), they still manage to always sound modern. With its dark vibe and more mature songwriting, this EP stands firmly on its own and I hope the next full-length will continue what they started here, because the only complaint I have about this record is that itís just too damn short.

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