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Ripped To Shreds - Jubian

Ripped To Shreds - Jubian

Thereís been many bands paying homage to old school death metal in recent years and at first glance Ripped To Shreds can be counted as part of that revival. But they add enough other flavors to their sound on ďJubianĒ to sound fresh and distinctly of now. There are traces of doom, grind or melodeath. Especially, the latter excites me since Iíve been longing to hear a true melodeath album this vibrant for a while now (If I missed something, please let me know). The grunts, screams and growls give it a nasty vibe, but the playing is ultra tight and with its many ingredients and tempo changes they keep you on your toes from start to finish. In the end though, death metal stands and falls with the riffs and there is an abundance of awesome ones on here. This album is a standout in a crowded field.

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