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Forrest Gump Soundtrack

Forrest Gump Soundtrack

The Forrest Gump soundtrack is a wonderful journey through post-war popular American music history as the Forrest Gump soundtrack. Growing up in Switzerland, music was the main reason why I got fascinated with America. There had to be something special about a place that produces so much great music. When I finally had the chance to visit the home of many of my heroes, I didn’t plan for it to become my home too, but life is crazy sometimes. The love of my life (and reason for my move here) and my son were born here and so was 22 Sound. As divided as this country seems to be currently, I am happy that I get to experience one of its many wonderful sides every day in our little family business. We get to interact with like-minded music lovers and enjoy this place where it doesn’t matter what your job is, what your political opinions are or where you are from. Music knows no boundaries. We’re grateful that we get to pursue our dream and that we get to meet many wonderful people on our journey (who are the ones that make it possible to continue. We don’t forget that). Thank you, America, for having me!

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