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Widowmaker - Too Late To Cry

Widowmaker - Too Late To Cry

We all know that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. It’s a little different with records though. No, you shouldn’t judge a record by its cover either, but most record collectors know the joy of digging through the bins and  taking a chance on a record solely because of the cover. The success rate is surprisingly high. For us, one of the funnest things about doing what we do is the preliminary dig through the collections we purchase and seeing some records that we don’t know yet, but whose covers look really intriguing. We’re the first ones to admit that we’re still discovering new (and old) stuff every day. Widowmaker’s “Too Late To Cry” was one of those. When I saw this cover I just knew it would be great. And I was right. This is somewhat of a supergroup, consisting of guys who would before or after be members of bands such as Mott The Hoople, Spooky Tooth, Hawkwind, Rainbow or Ozzy Osbourne. They supposedly were a bit of a train wreck and only lasted for two albums, but while they held it together they produced some really great classic rock on the heavier side of the spectrum with some serious blues influences. A nice gem for those classic rock fans who like to dig a little deeper.

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