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The Meters - Trick Bag

The Meters - Trick Bag

When his aunt took Art Neville to sweep floors at Trinity Methodist Church in New Orleans one day, he found a pipe organ and began playing. “I hit a key and - boom! - the sound nearly knocked me down”, said Neville. “What I heard wasn’t the voice of God, it was the voice of music, but it might as well have been the same thing. That sound turned me around. After that sound, everything changed.” And things didn’t just change for Neville. With The Meters he founded one of those bands whose sales numbers never quite matched their influence and ongoing acclaim. They were one of the founding fathers of funk and arguably one of the most legendary New Orleans bands. “Trick Bag” was their seventh studio album, produced by Allen Toussaint. The opener is a not so subtle nod at disco which was starting to rule the airwaves at the time, but the rest of the album is just as groovy and funky as they had always been. An essential band in New Orleans music history. 

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