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MisĢyrming - Algleymi

MisĢyrming - Algleymi

Iceland definitely has the highest awesome black metal band per capita rate. Less than 400,000 people inhabit the country and it seems like a good percentage of them like it heavy. To me, MisĢyrmingís ďAlgleymiĒ is not only one of the best albums coming out of that impressive scene but one of the best black metal albums of recent years overall. It has the unsettling intensity that makes great black metal so captivating and it combines it with just the right amount of subtle melody to stand out of the crowd. While their debut was a blast of dissonance, this is a much more refined and versatile record even allowing moments for traditional rock beats to mix up the blastbeat fury which makes it all the more compelling. Itís dark, itís melancholic, itís aggressive and it sets a completely unique mood, proving that itís still possible to create outstanding forward-looking black metal without abandoning its roots.

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