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Redd Kross - Neurotica

Redd Kross - Neurotica

Redd Krossí brilliant album ďNeuroticaĒ is viewed by some as a precursor to the grunge era that would dominate the music world just a few years after its 1987 release. While I can definitely see where this notion comes from, there is one fundamental difference that clearly ties it to the 80s: it is so much fun. They embraced the melodic sensibilities of power pop heroes such as Big Star, but combined that with the energy and snottiness of punk and every now and then didnít even shy away from guitar riffs and solos that evoke the bands that ruled the Sunset Strip at the time. This album didnít get the attention it deserved at the time, but it slowly became a cult classic and it still sounds fresh over 30 years later. Itís wild, catchy, ferocious and so colorful.

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