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Bikini Kill - Reject All American

Bikini Kill - Reject All American

Bikini Kill was basically as much a women’s rights and feminist activist group as it was a band. They chose punk - at the time mainly a boy’s club as well - to spread their message. And they weren’t subtle. Closely associated with the Riot Grrl movement, they addressed topics such as domestic abuse, rape, sexuality or female empowerment and they did so fiercely and loud. Their influence was immense, but so was the backlash. “People were throwing chains at our heads. People hated us. It was really, really hard to be in that band”, recalled Kathleen Hanna, the band’s singer and songwriter. They broke up after their last album “Reject All American” but after over two decades they’re active again, still playing blistering live shows. Unfortunately, the fight that they’re fighting will seemingly never end. 

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