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INXS - Kick

INXS - Kick

After INXS completed “Kick” and presented it to their record label Atlantic they were supposedly offered 1 million dollars to rerecord it. “We can’t get this on the radio. You have to be like what’s happening now”, they were told. Keyboardist and main songwriter Andrew Farris responded with “We think this is what’s happening now” and the album was released as is. Boy, was he right. Already about a decade into their career, “Kick” made them worldwide superstars. It was a melange of rock and pop with bits of soul and funk thrown in to round up the picture. Glossy,  sexy and yet dirty. Even beyond monster singles like “Need You Tonight”, “Mistify” or “New Sensation” there is no filler to be found. Each song is carefully crafted, rocking and danceable at the same time. And is “Never Tear Us Apart” one of the most beautiful songs of the 80’s? Definitely. 

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