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Agents Of Oblivion - Agents Of Oblivion

Agents Of Oblivion - Agents Of Oblivion

The music business can be cruel. Proper management and sheer luck often play as big of a part in success stories as musical talent. Many think Acid Bath could have been (and should have been) one of the biggest metal bands of the 90’s, but luck wasn’t on their side and their story unfortunately is a tragic one. What made them so special was the push-and-pull between the different band members and their musical preferences and influences. After the band’s ending, the individual members would go into vastly different musical directions. Dax Riggs’ and Mike Sanchez’ first project after Acid Bath was Agents of Oblivion, a band that would only release one album, but what an album it was. It is the musical bridge between Dax’ heavy past and a future in which he would leave metal altogether - a sludgy southern take on the era’s alternative rock with brilliant riffs and grooves. But Dax’ raspy vocals are what make it truly special. His melodies and lyrics push the music to emotional heights and depths, culminating in a completely unique album full of dark beauty.

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