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GISM - Detestation

GISM - Detestation

Thereís been so many extreme sub- and sub-sub-genres of metal and punk that itís almost impossible to be shocked anymore these days, but imagine itís 1984 and you somehow encounter GISMís debut album ďDetestationĒ. Of course, this would have been somewhat unlikely since it was only released in Japan at the time, but this was such an unusual, brutal and - well - insane album that it slowly gained attention in the underground to the point of almost mythical adoration. The tales of their vocalist Sakevi Yokoyama running through a crowd with a chainsaw or firing at them with a flamethrower - whether true or not - sure didnít hurt the legend building. It was one of the first true crossover records, combining the drive and anarchic energy of hardcore with metal riffing inspired by the NWOBHM and thrash. On top of that, Saveki screams, shouts, grunts, belts, wails or laughs histerically like an absolute madman. Describing the production as raw is a vast understatement. At the time maximumrocknroll said it made ďVenom sound like The KnackĒ. In other words: itís perfect.

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