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Evanescence - Fallen

Evanescence - Fallen

Evanescenceís debut album ďFallenĒ was released in 2003 in the midst of nu metal mania, a genre often associated with male aggression. Evanescence might have shared a lot of sonic similarities with the type of rock and metal that was popular at the time, but the fact that they were female-fronted made them stand apart right away. That canít be enough to sell an estimated 17 million copies though, a number that seems fantastical these days. Amy Lee impressed with an incredible voice and a gift to truly connect with her audience thanks to her melodies, her lyrics and a charisma that is hard to put in words. She wasnít afraid to sing about her deepest emotions and she did that over the backdrop of heavy guitars and delicate piano parts alike. It was angsty but empowering at the same time and it stood the test of time much better than some other top selling records of the time.

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