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&uicideboy& - Long Term Effects of Suffering

&uicideboy& - Long Term Effects of Suffering

New Orleansí $uicideboy$í origin story is rather dark which isnít surprising given their name. It involved a suicide pact: If the music didnít work out, there would be nothing left to live for. Thankfully, it has worked out. Despite never having a billboard hot 100 track or any airplay tally, they amassed billions of streams and a cult following. They did it in true DIY fashion. After releasing countless mixtapes, EPís etc. in their first years of their existence, 2021ís ďLong Term Effects of SufferingĒ is only their second proper album and has finally been released on vinyl. It isnít a happy affair. Just like many of their soundcloud rap peers, they deal with topics such as depression, suicidal thoughts and drug abuse. Their music ranges from melancholic to aggressive. The painful honesty and often violent nature of their lyrics might explain why the $uicideboy$ arenít mainstream stars but at the same time be the reason for their devoted fanbase.

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