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Volbeat - Rock The Rebel/Metal The Devil

Volbeat - Rock The Rebel/Metal The Devil

When Volbeat first hit the scene, it was a breath of fresh air for metal. A singer that sounded like a cross between Elvis and Danzig on top of simple but highly infectious metal riffs with a little sprinkle of country and rockabilly to round things up. I got hooked when their second album “Rock The Rebel/Metal The Devil” was released. Volbeat had found their unique sound and perfected it even further following an already incredible debut album. Finding a great formula isn’t enough to catch on though. You gotta have the songs. And boy, did they have them. Each track is catchy as hell without ever losing the heavy edge. And they played with dynamics brilliantly. When those guitars come in after the Johnny Cash tribute intro of “Sad Man’s Tongue” it is simply impossible to sit still. The contrast makes the riff hit even harder. They’re an absolute blast live, but they were also able to capture that energy and enthusiasm on record. 

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