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Jack White - Fear of the Dawn

Jack White - Fear of the Dawn

Jack White clearly made good use of the time when live shows werent possible. He completed not one but two studio albums set for release in 2022.As he explained, he reserved the first one, Fear of the Dawn for the heavy stuff while the second one showedhis mellower side. White likened that one to a Sunday morning album. He certainly wasn't joking when he called "Fear of the Dawn" heavy.Its a ferocious, wild ride. The riffs keep coming, theres constant twists and turns and his trademark howl is in full hysteria mode pretty much all the way through. The abundance of ideas thrown into the mix result in a manic, maybe at times a bit whacky, but always highly entertaining album. As deep into his career he is, its great to see that hes still putting out music this exciting and full of life.

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