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XXXTentacion - ?

XXXTentacion - ?

The fact that XXXTentacion’s “?” was released just months before he got murdered, gives it even more emotional punch and at times an almost eerie vibe. X was on his way to becoming a megastar at the time (despite him also being a very controversial figure) with this being only his second album, debuting at number one of the Billboard 200. He was one of the leaders of emo rap (or soundcloud rap), a subgenre of hip hop in which artists started showing much more vulnerability than what is typical for the genre, dealing with topics such as depression or substance abuse. XXXTentacion stood out of the crowd not only thanks to his rapping skills but his embracing of a wide variety of styles. This album is a collage of musical influences, but what holds it together is his emotional depth and his willingness to get very - sometimes painfully - personal.

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