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Chris Stapleton - Traveller

Chris Stapleton - Traveller

One of the great things about music is its ability to transport you back to specific times in your life. Two years ago today, our son Lynott was born. It was the early days of the pandemic, a time of uncertainty, so the excitement of welcoming him was mixed with nervousness. Work was insane as we were trying to support many small business owners staying afloat in a moment full of anxiety bordering to panic. Little did we know that we would be small business owners ourselves soon. During all that, the quiet moments on our porch at the end of the day were extra valuable and Chris Stapletonís ďTravellerĒ became the soundtrack of that time for us. It has a soothing tenderness mixed with melancholy and will now always remind us of this crazy time but especially the wonderful feeling of being graced with the arrival of our son.†

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