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Father John Misty - ChloŽ and the Next 20th Century

Father John Misty -†ChloŽ and the Next 20th Century

Adding some strings to their sound is a popular way for bands to appear experimental and/or mature as they get deeper into their career. If they can afford it, said strings might even come from an actual orchestra. But I canít think of many pop/rock artists who fully committed and went full orchestral like Father John Misty did on ďChloŽ and the Next 20th CenturyĒ. While he already experienced with orchestral sounds on ďPure ComedyĒ, this time Tillman goes all in. There is an Old Hollywood vibe that runs through the album and the music evokes moods from eras before World War II, sounds not often heard anymore in contemporary music. Paired with his voice and songwriting sensibility indebted to 70ís folk rock and modern indie rock, it makes for a very unique and highly enjoyable album.

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