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Kurt Vile - (watch my moves)

Kurt Vile - (watch my moves)

Kurt Vile sometimes sounds like the guy that turns those little melodies you randomly sing to yourself (or dog or kid or spouse) as you go about your daily chores into actual songs. Only that hes actually a great songwriter, an observer of the little and the big things in life alike. Over the last decade, he has built such a great reputation that he landed on the legendary label Verve Records, home to many jazz greats and other free spirits of music history. He wrote and recorded (watch my moves) mainly at his home studio during the pandemic and the resulting forced break from any live activities. It gave him time to create a sprawling album that showcases everything that makes him a standout figure in todays music scene. He is a master at creating a relaxed atmosphere with subtle melancholic hints while also making you chuckle with his quirky observations, sometimes sounding amazed himself by the adventure his music has taken him on.

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