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Unto Others - Strength

Unto Others - Strength

If you like The Sisters of Mercy, but you wouldn’t mind them to be a bit heavier, we might have something for you: Unto Others’ sophomore album “Strength”. They are firmly rooted in metal with plenty of heavy riffs, but their tasteful and melodic guitar leads add a dark atmosphere that is only being amplified by Gabriel Franco’s gloomy, gothy vocals. Their heaviness is paired with a classic songwriting sensibility which makes each track highly memorable without ever losing bite. This is a band that has the potential and the songs to appeal to people outside of the metal spectrum without alienating their core fanbase. Oh, and there’s a cover of Pat Benatar’s brilliant “Hell Is For Children”, repackaged so effortlessly in their signature sound that you wouldn’t even think it was a cover if you didn’t know the original. That just proves on what high level their songwriting is.

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