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Dead Boys - Young Loud And Snotty

Dead Boys - Young Loud And Snotty

I canít think of many album titles more fitting and perfectly descriptive than Dead Boysí ďYoung Loud and SnottyĒ. I really donít need to say much more. This was when punk was in its early stages, when it was still dangerous. It has that wonderful, dirty rock níroll vibe of proto-punk bands such as The Stooges mixed with furious energy. Stiv Batorsí raspy vocals are perfectly imperfect but hidden underneath the grit are catchy melodies resulting from his love for 60ís pop tunes. Cheetah Chrome and Jimmy Zeroís guitar playing oozes swagger and is rooted in blues much more firmly than that of many of their scene contemporaries. The Dead Boys caught lightning in a bottle. They may have not lasted long, but they created an album that united everything that is great about punk. One of the essential American punk records.

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