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Amy Winehouse - Back To Black

Amy Winehouse - Back To Black

The ultimately tragic story of Amy Winehouse - the scandals, the excess, her untimely passing - shouldn’t overshadow the outstanding talent she was. With only two studio albums she managed to become musically immortal as one of the greatest singers and songwriters of her generation. Her debut “Frank” already garnered attention, but it was her second album “Back To Black” that secured her legacy. It was deeply rooted in old school soul which wasn’t uncommon at the time, but the songwriting was miles ahead of the neo-soul competition. Much of the album sounds cheery at first glance but is counteracted by Winehouse’s deeply honest, at times painfully dark, at others morbidly witty lyrics. She could be poetic in one line, street in the next and make it work. It’s an album full of opposites - old and new, light and dark, sad and funny. And above all towers her once-in-a-generation voice that will never be forgotten.

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