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Wet Leg - Wet Leg

Wet Leg - Wet Leg

Wet Leg came out of nowhere last year with two singles so irresistible they became the hottest new band in the indie world right out of the gate. It was enough to be welcomed in the States to sold-out crowds when they made their live debut on this side of the pond. Expectations were sky high for their self-titled debut full-length. While many artists wrote somber, melancholic albums during the pandemic, Wet Leg went the opposite route and are gracing us with an album thatís one thing first and foremost: fun. And damn, are those songs catchy. They arenít reinventing the wheel, paying homage to the rich UK tradition of high-energy guitar bands delivering their tunes with witty lyrics, but thatís totally ok. They are a welcome breath of fresh air for the often painfully earnest indie rock scene. Summer can come.

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