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Daft Punk - Discovery

Daft Punk - Discovery

Daft Punk’s 2001 album “Discovery” was a landmark moment in the history of electronic music and due to its enormous popularity of pop music as a whole. It simultaneously paid homage to the history of dance music and reinvented it. At the time, electronic dance music had been infiltrating and reshaping mainstream music and transcended its American roots, culminating in big techno and house scenes all over Europe. The French duo had already turned some heads with their debut “Homework”, but it was this album that would make them superstars. They took songwriting cues from pop music, writing hooks so irresistibly catchy that their music worked in and outside of clubs without betraying their roots. Their influence can still be heard in temporary music, making this album still sound fresh despite it now being old enough to actually legally enter those clubs it was created for.

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