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Kvaen - The Great Below

Kvaen - The Great Below

Kvaen’s debut album “The Funeral Pyre” was one of my favorite metal albums of 2020. Melodic Black Metal that could appeal to the trve crowd and fans of thrash/speed/death or more traditional metal alike. It was ferocious, epic, intense and - dare I say - fun. Expectations were high in anticipation of the follow-up “The Great Below”. And Jakob Björnfot delivered again. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. This album has all the ingredients that made its predecessor so great and more. Most of the time, Björnfot dials it up to 11, but the music never loses its intensity even during the slower, more epic moments. Everything is played with such enthusiasm, verve and technical prowess that it is easily stands out of the crowd in a well-saturated genre.

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