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Jacksons - Victory

Jacksons - Victory

The circumstances surrounding the release of The Jacksons’ 1984 album “Victory” sound like a label executive’s wet dream. All six Jackson brothers united on an album for the first time including Michael who has become the biggest superstar on the globe after the release of “Thriller” (which would go on to become the highest selling album of all time), a guest appearance by Mick Jagger plus an accompanying tour with all members. A surefire commercial success. The resulting record has divided Jacksons fans ever since its release. Despite it being branded as a reunion, the brothers barely worked together and it ended up being closer to a compilation of individual songs by each member. Despite the lack of cohesion as a result of the process, it is a worthy addition to their discography showing their outstanding songwriting skills packaged in a sound that was updated to fit the time.

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