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Hellacopters - Eyes Of Oblivion

Hellacopters - Eyes Of Oblivion

“Eyes of Oblivion” was exactly the comeback album that us Hellacopters fans hoped for after it was announced. By the second spin I was singing along to all the choruses, because Nicke Andersson has a knack for catchy melodies like few others in today’s rock world. And that’s the guy that helped define death metal with Entombed in the early 90’s. The Hellacopters have everything that makes rock great. The swagger, the energy, the cool, the dirty riffs, the solos. They have always knowingly nodded to the past, but they never sounded liked they tried to emulate it. It comes natural to them, they feel it and they make it sound effortless. And most importantly, they know how to turn all those ingredients into what really matters: great fucking songs. 

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