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The Velveteers - Nightmare Daydream

The Velveteers - Nightmare Daydream

The Velveteers had been together for 7 years, opened for Guns N’Roses and were discovered by Dan Auerbach before they even released their debut album “Nightmare Daydream”. Auerbach was so impressed by them that he took it on himself to produce the album. That fact and a band line-up that doesn’t include a bass player will inevitably draw comparisons to the Black Keys, but The Velveteers are in no way a rip-off. What sets them apart are Demi Demitro’s vocals that range from classic cool to gloomy and add a dark vibe that lingers through the dirty, dusty riffs on top of groovy beats provided by not one but two drummers. They borrow from the rich past of rock music, but stand firmly in the present. 

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