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Goodbye June - See Where The Night Goes

Goodbye June - See Where The Night Goes

Greta Van Fleet has been riding on a wave of success in recent years, appealing to rock fans of all ages, with their sound that is deeply rooted in 70s rock, namely Led Zeppelin in their case. It could be the start of a trend. Goodbye June is another band that celebrates old school rock on See Where The Night Goes. The Nashville-trios sound is closer to AC/DC, blues rock with a healthy dose of southern influences. Theyre groovy, anthemic and most of all fun. Its an album filled with memorable riffs, catchy choruses and euphoric guitar solos. They might not be reinventing the wheel, but they show that this type of music can still sound fresh if its done with the enthusiasm they display on every second of this album. Goodbye June are aiming for the arenas and they have the songs for it.

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