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Garth Brooks - No Fences

Garth Brooks - No Fences

The impact that Garth Brooks had on country music is hard to put in words. Some numbers might help. He is the only artist that has 9 (yes, nine) diamond albums in the US. He is the best-selling solo artist in US history. Ahead of Elvis. His total album sales are estimated at roughly 170 million. His second album “No Fences” ended up being his most popular one. The blue collar anthem “Friends In Low Places” became his signature song and with “The Thunder Rolls” he showed that he didn’t shy away from very serious, dark topics. While Brooks’ music has always been firmly rooted in country, he drew inspiration from singer-songwriters outside the country boundaries as well as rock, explaining his massive crossover potential. His live shows became legendary. They were closer to the theatrics of big arena bands like KISS than his country peers. Brooks was one of the biggest artists of the 90’s and reshaped country music forever.

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