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Swamp Dogg - Rat On!

Swamp Dogg - Rat On!

Jerry Williams Jr. released his first record as a 12-year old. That was in 1954. And he’s still making music to this day. In 1970, he invented his alter ego “Swamp Dogg” and became a cult figure in American music. “Rat On!” was his second album under the new moniker. Some say this is the worst album cover of all time. I think it’s great. But don’t be distracted by that. He obviously has a sense of humor, but he has also always tackled social issues in such an outspoken way that he found himself on Richard Nixon’s infamous “enemies list”. That side of him is best exemplified on this record by side two opener “God Bless America For What”, a ballad whose tenderness juxtaposes the biting commentary of its lyrics. The whole album offers top-tier 70’s soul and funk, groovy as hell and flourished with sweet and memorable melodies.

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