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Orville Peck - Show Pony

Orville Peck - Show Pony

One of our customers described Orville Peck to sound as if Elvis Presley and Lana Del Rey had a baby who would grow up to make country music. This sums it up pretty nicely. He definitely set out to put his own mark on a traditionally conservative genre - not just because he happens to be gay, Canadian and always masked. On Show Pony - his major label debut - he took the leap to mainstream stardom boosted by a duet with Canadian country queen Shania Twain which was the closest hes come to pop country thus far. His sound is rooted in traditional country, but he often pulls the darkness from alternative places, sometimes adding a goth-related vibe that works perfectly with his rich baritone. Its hard to separate his music from his carefully constructed public persona, but luckily its great and unique enough to work on its own just as well.

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