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The Hold Steady - Stay Positive

The Hold Steady - Stay Positive

Bands with vocalists who talk more than they sing are all the rage in the UK at the moment. While most of them are based in post-punk, America saw a completely different type of band fronted by a talk-singer rise to fame in the 2000ís: The Hold Steady. With a sound heavily rooted in classic rock and Craig Finnís springsteenesque storytelling, they were surely not chasing any trends, but their stories of (mainly) hard partying and the pitfalls that come with it were so relatable that the band gained a devoted following. ďStay PositiveĒ was their mainstream breakthrough. Itís easy to see why. The songs are anthemic, euphoric, catchy and even though more darkness had begun to seep in, there is always enough light to balance it, giving this record a deeply comforting feel. Itís timeless music that works now just as well as it did when it first came out.

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