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Leon Russell - Leon Live

Leon Russell - Leon Live

To call Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Leon Russell a prolific musician is a vast understatement. He was a songwriter, studio musician, arranger, pianist, guitarist, singer. And not in the least he was an incredible performer which can be heard, experienced and truly felt best on his captivating live album “Leon Live”. It shows his amazing range of musical influences and does what live albums are supposed to do. It makes you feel like you’re right there. Russell’s standing among music legends says a lot about what talented and versatile musician he was. Among his collaborators and artists who performed his songs were Ray Charles, George Harrison, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Whitney Houston, Willie Nelson and Amy Winehouse - to name just a few. We give the last words to Elton John with whom he recorded a late-career album in 2010: “He was my biggest influence as a piano player, a singer and a songwriter”.

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