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Tyler, the Creator - Igor

Tyler, the Creator - Igor

Despite the impressive list of collaborators (Kanye West, Playboi Carti, Solange, Jack White to name a few) there is never a doubt who the boss is on Tyler, the Creatorís masterpiece ďIgorĒ. He took another leap not only as a songwriter but also as a masterful producer. Every note, every chord, every beat, every sample serves a purpose. Many people have been going on and on about the death of the album for over 20 years now, but seeing a cutting edge artist at the top of his game embracing the album as an art form is a great counter argument. This is meant to be listened to from start to finish. Instead of being fodder for playlists, these songs form a cohesive whole, culminating in a record that tells a captivating story of heartbreak.

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