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White Ward - Love Exchange Failure

White Ward - Love Exchange Failure

Every so often you come upon a record that truly transcends its genre and becomes one you go back to over and over again, discovering new things in it every time you listen. One of those albums for me is White Wardís ďLove Exchange FailureĒ - released in 2019. Black metal and jazz seem like polar opposites of the musical spectrum, but somehow they managed to combine these styles not only seamlessly but in a way that one wouldnít work without the other. Itís an album about isolation and depression in the modern world, its mood captured brilliantly by the album cover. The piano and saxophone add dark beauty to the harsh guitar eruptions flanked by desperate shrieks, all of it united in an utterly bleak atmosphere. The albumís many different elements are interwoven perfectly to form a cohesive piece of art that unveils its true glory if fully immersed in it, even if it hurts.

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