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Jerry Cantrell - Brighten

Jerry Cantrell - Brighten

Jerry Cantrell is one of THE riff masters of the grunge movement. His roots in metal and hard rock could always be heard on those incredible early Alice In Chains records, making them one of the grunge bands respected widely even in metal circles. What makes him so exceptional though is that he always kept the song as a whole in mind. The flow, the arrangement, the vocal melodies, the atmosphere, the feeling. On his latest solo album Brighten he shows a different side of his musical spectrum while always staying recognizable. There are those beautiful yet gloomy melodies hes known for, but the big riffs are replaced by influences of country and folk giving the music a brighter feeling. Relatively. And as always, the songs come first. Each one is expertly crafted and conveys true emotion. Cantrell is a genius, one of the most brilliant rock musicians of his generation and this is a wonderful addition to his already outstanding legacy.

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