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Robert Glasper - Black Radio III

Robert Glasper - Black Radio III

The fact that the first installment of Robert Glasper’s “Black Radio” series won a grammy for best R&B album and hit number one on the jazz charts says a lot about its genre-defying qualities. Ten years later, we were graced with “Black Radio III”. Glasper once again assembled an impressive group of collaborators and gives every one of them room to shine on top of the beautiful foundations laid by the master. The album starts like a protest record, with Amir Sulaiman reciting verses about racism over a subtle piano melody followed by the powerful “Black Superhero”, but it also explores themes like love and heartbreak. This is closer to being a straight R&B album than its predecessors, making it a cohesive listening experience despite the many different voices heard throughout. It’s a joy to be tuning in again.

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